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Buying Overview

We don’t just want to find you a property, we want to find you a home. The one that gives you ‘the feeling’ when you walk around it; the one that makes you emotional at the thought of it not being yours.

Your local agent is always available to advise on how to get ready to buy, talking through your wants and identifying your needs. Your needs may take you in a direction you hadn’t envisaged, leading you to a property that doesn’t match your list of wants but where you know instantly it’s ‘the one’.

We’re here to guide you through the entire process – trust us, we go through all the emotions with you every step of the way. We don’t wait for a property to come to us; we actively use our connections to search the area and seek out that place you will want to call home.

We can give you the very best of moving experiences through our concierge service, with advice and support on your mortgage, surveyor, conveyancer and even removals. Why spend time researching countless companies when our concierge service can do it for you, and provide competitive solutions in one place?

We’re your property person for life, so don’t think that once you’ve moved we’ll disappear. If you want advice on adding value, need a tradesman or even tips on a local restaurant, we’re just a phone call away.

Start a conversation with your local Keller Williams agent today and see where tomorrow takes you.



How is your credit status? Before you start to look into buying, or even a mortgage, take time to get your finances in a strong position.


Are you ready?

Having a mortgage in principle will place you in a strong position should you decide to make an offer, but it will also confirm what you can afford.


Focus on needs

You can make a long list of what you want from a house, but what do you actually need? Focusing on your needs will refine your search, but don’t be too rigid or you may miss out on something exciting and different.


You need to view

Viewing a property online is good for getting an idea of the market but an online listing is very different to the reality. You will only know if a house is for you by taking a step inside.


Trust us

Your local agent is there to help you find your home. We don’t wait for property to come to us, we seek homes that we believe are right for you, even if they’re not on the market yet.

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Making that offer

Do your research on the local market, you may find that in buoyant areas you can’t afford to waste time on cheeky offers. Be clear on what the offer includes so there is no confusion further down the line.


No time to relax

Offer accepted! Time to celebrate, but you can’t relax just yet. The sales process is where things can go wrong, but you can help ensure they don’t.


Be swift

Reply to requests promptly and get all necessary paperwork ready in advance. Your local agent will be managing the process, pushing the chain along and keeping you informed. Don’t be afraid of calling us if you’re unsure about anything, this is your purchase.

Russell Quirk, Shenfield and Hutton Estate Agent, partnered with Keller Williams specialises in buying, selling and letting property.

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Russell Quirk, Shenfield and Hutton Estate Agent, partnered with Keller Williams specialises in buying, selling and letting property.

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