Life is full of moments that matter, and moving home is one of them.

Why Keller Williams ?


Number One

Keller Williams is the largest estate agent in the world with over 185,000 agents. Global we may be, but it’s locally where we make a difference.

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Your Local Agent

Your local agent is there to help you find your home. We don’t wait for property to come to us, we seek homes that we believe are right for you.


Buyer Power

All Keller Williams agents share resources and refer buyers together, so we have the largest buyer pool on the planet, the benefits are huge !


Sales Knowledge

As a group Keller Williams sell over 4,300 homes a day, thats 180 per hour and a sale every 20 seconds.


Personal Service

We limit our property listings to ensure you of a world class customer service at all times.



Keller Williams is the largest training company in the world, so we are trained in new sale tactics.

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Keller Williams list on hundreds of portal websites throughout its network. Sellers and buyers can benefit greatly by the huge network reach.